Standup Comedy!

​In January 2015 I took an amazing class, Pretty, Funny Women, taught by comedian Lisa Sundstedt. Since then, I have been getting gigs all over Los Angeles, including The World Famous Comedy Store and the Burbank Comedy Festival. I have shared the stage with some comedy greats, such as Whitney Cummings and Jeff Garlin!! 

​I perform all the time. For updated info and links to discounted tickets, e-mail me at


"Changing Tomorrow for a Brighter Yesterday"

Who are those dancing  weirdos? Why it's 3/4 of the founders of VEM! That's me on the left. In 2008 a group of puppeteers worked on this zombie puppet extravaganza. In the wee hours of an overnight shoot we deliriously proclaimed that we loved one another and would always work together. Then, in December of 2013, after we caught up on our sleep, those puppeteers founded a company together to provide puppets and miracles. 

The Mill at Calder's End

Dir. Kevin McTurk

"Awesome..."-Guillermo Del Toro

"The Dark Crystal meets Lovecraft"-The Blood Shed

​Featuring the voice of Barbara Steele, you have never seen anything like this and you will never look at puppets the same way. Working with talent of this caliber is so inspiring. The Puppets were exquisitely crafted, bunraku-style, works of art. I puppeteered and made a couple of puppet costumes for this  film. 

See the teaser trailer  here, and please check out Kevin's website, to see more of his incredible work.

If Disney Princesses had Mothers

Dir. Don Cabreana

This is the brainchild of two actresses, Elizabeth Frances and myself, after getting bored with the one-dimensional and uninteresting roles for women. Realizing the lack of strong female role models for the familiar crew of Disney princesses, we began to imagine different possibilities available to them, if only they a strong woman to look up to, a mother perhaps? And what better way to imagine than with the powerful medium of sock puppets!! And thus began the journey to creating this series of web shorts. The first installment is our version of Cinderella. Currently in post, look for it in late November! 

PSA "Running for Lupus"

​Dir. Renee Martinez

Renee was such a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and driven to support the cause. Learn more or donate at the Lupus Foundation of AmericaThats me in the center, mid-stride, with the blue shoes. Link to the video below.

Clouded Sulphur

Dir. Janie Geiser

​Photos by Vivian Sming

The photos below are from a live multimedia puppet show. I operated puppets, voiced a character, designed and fabricated the costumes for this show. It was "created in response to the tragic, unsolved murder of a 15 year old Los Angeles girl." I had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing artists and puppeteers I know. It premiered in February 2013 and was recently remounted for the Radar LA festival.

Papa, music video for "Young Rut"

Dir. J. Norton

The story line was one of my favorites so far. A pair of pants meets a shirt at a laundromat. They run away together, explore LA and fall in love. I rigged the shirt and pants so they could be operated as puppets. I wore that crazy looking green screen body suit on location all over LA. It was a blast! I love my job!

The Night Fairy at South Coast Repertory

Dir. Oanh Nguyen

My first show at South Coast Repertory was a wonderful experience. The excellent cast and phenomenal crew really made this experience memorable. Not only did I voice and puppeteer the hummingbird, I had the pleasure of working with puppet designer, Beth Peterson on the wings of my beautiful puppet. 

Yamasong: March of the Hollows

Dir. Sam Koji Hale

I am a lead puppeteer on this film. The all star voice cast includes Whoopi Goldberg, George Takei, Ed Asner, Malcolm McDowell, Frieda Pinto, Abigail Breslin and more! Yamasong: March of the Hollows is a feature length puppet film! What?! It's true, all puppets. Filmed over the course of 8 months, it has been a pleasure working with this talented cast and crew. 

See the trailer here!

This film passes the Bechdel test! Check out this amazing short about the incredible Women of Yamasong: Women of Yamasong Short 

Monsters of the Sky

Dir. Sam Koji Hale

This is an amazingly crafted steam-punk tale, with a female lead named Sky. Most of this was filmed in Portland, but I was lucky enough to work on the LA shoot. Check back soon for trailer and film festival dates! And check out Sam's website to see more of his work.