Mind Your Own F**king Business

This video went viral with over 60 million views across social platforms. It was picked up by NowThis News, Occupy Democrats, 9Gag and featured on the homepage of Funny or Die and WhoHaHa. It was shared by Ludacris, Anna Paquin, DL Hughley and more. I was humbled by the positive response to it. It also made white nationalists very angry :)

Hands Off

This was the follow up video to “Mind Your Own F**king Business” It also went viral. I picked up a few more death threats with this too. The internet is bananas.

Internet Argument

Eric and I make other sketch videos too! This one features the voice of one of my favorite comedians and impersonators, Justin Rupple. Justin was the voice of Tuffnut in “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.”

Book Club

Sometimes we are able to rope our talented friends into doing our crazy sketch videos with us. Friends are the BEST!


As actors we sign a lot of NDA’s. Eric and I once had a real conversation where we couldn’t talk about what we had been working on, but we could talk about the NDA’s we signed. We discovered we had worked for the same company by describing the crazy NDA we had to sign.

Mueller Time

We released this one right before the redacted Mueller Report was released. We are also kind of obsessed with book clubs :)

Crossword Puzzle

Don’t want to spoil the joke on this one, so you will just have to watch it. Fun Fact: I am wearing my favorite sweater in this one.

The Deskin Family Album

This one is weird and NSFW. Eric wrote it. He’s super weird. I guess that’s why we are friends :)